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Paradiso Grande Resort March Update – A Beacon of Hope!

It’s March 2020, and a global health crisis has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the world. Things have changed, and no one seems to know when, if, or to what degree they’ll go back to normal. In times like these, what people want is a reliable point of reference. A guiding light. Thankfully, the light at Paradiso Grande Resort shines on. In fact, it’s only growing brighter! Here’s your Paradiso Grande Resort March Update:


Paradiso Grande Resort Land Development Begins!

While some of the world has gone off the rails, construction at Paradiso Grande Resort is still securely on track.

Land clearing is finished for Phase 1, and crews are moving full steam ahead to get earthwork underway.

Additionally, laying of underground utilities will begin in May, 2020, with community entrance roads slated to be poured in the summer.


Paradiso Grande Resort March Sales Update

As development at Paradiso Grande Resort continues to move forward, we move toward an ever clearer picture of the products and prices on offer.

Here’s the sales schedule as it currently stands:

  • Fall 2020 – Product and Pricing Release
  • Nov/Dec 2020 – Onsite Sales Office
  • Oct/Nov 2020 – Finalize Purchase Contracts
  • Early 2021 – Begin Construction of Homes


Looking Past March – Paradiso Grande Resort Is a Beacon of Hope

Paradiso Grande Resort is more than just Orlando’s most exciting new community.

It’s also a beacon of hope for a post-Corona world.

Paradiso Grande Resort represents economic growth in a time of slowdown.

As well as the fact that, when this thing blows over, we’re all going to need a good vacation – preferably in a vacation home!


The Best Location in Orlando

We’re not out of the woods yet, but if you know where to look, you can start to make out the light.

So where should you look?

Try the very best location in all of Orlando.

I-Drive, where you’ll find yourself just minutes from everywhere.

Like Downtown Orlando, the Orange County Convention Center, Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld.

And, of course, where you’ll find Paradiso Grande Resort.

Paradiso Grande Homes

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