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How is Brazil’s Government Different From the United States?

Want to know how Brazil’s government differs from the government of the United States? Paradiso Grande Homes by Authentic has the answer! In comparing the governments of Brazil and the United States, there are a few big similarities, but also some differences.

how is brazil government different from the united states

The United States and Brazil governments are both named federal republics and have capitalist-type economies.

They both comprise three branches: the executive, legislative, and judicial.

Moreover, they both grant some autonomy to their states, of which America has 50 and Brazil 26, letting each state govern itself. However, while the United States government faces its share of corruption, Brazil’s government is considerably more corrupt in comparison.

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Understanding More About the Brazilian Government (And How it’s Different From the United States)

Want to learn more about the government of Brazil?

You’re in the right place!

As Orlando’s premier realtor to Brazil, Authentic Group has the inside scoop on Brazil’s government.


Controversies and Corruption (Brazil)

While Brazil’s government has come a long way since Brazil abolished its monarchy in 1889, it still faces its share of controversies and corruption to this day.

In fact, when it comes to federal democracies, Brazil’s is considered one of the more corrupt in the world.

Learn more about Brazil’s government’s controversies and corruption below!


Corruption in the Brazilian Government

Brazil’s government has been plagued by scandals in recent years.

In 2014, a covert investigation codenamed Operation Car Wash found that state-run oil company, Petrobras, had taken bribes from construction companies in return for granting them contracts.

But that was just the tip of the ice burg; as it turned out, the corruption reached all the way to the top rungs of power.

President Lula himself was found guilty of accepting a beachfront condo in return for helping engineers secure an oil deal.

Other scandals have included mishandling of the COVID Pandemic, chronic inflation, and more.


Underinvestment in Education

Another controversy plaguing the Brazilian government is the fact that it doesn’t invest enough in education.

Brazil has been slashing its education budget for many years.

In fact, according to Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, between 2014 and 2018, the overall education budget fell by 56%.

Both teachers and students are affected by these cuts, with only 23% of Brazil’s children below age 3 enrolled in early education, compared with the OECD average of 36%, and maximum average teacher salaries standing at just $24,000, compared to $45,000 in nearby countries.


Outdated Laws That Favor Criminals

Brazil has a high rate of crime compared to surrounding countries, and indeed most companies around the world.

And one reason is lax, outdated laws that tend to favor the rights of criminals.

While the issue of criminal rights is hotly debated in Brazil, when surveyed, most of the country seems to agree that the country could do a lot more to deter crime.


Governmental Successes (Brazil)

Brazil’s government isn’t merely a model of corruption.

They also get a few things right!

Learn about some of Brazil’s governmental success stories below!


Social Programs, Such as the Child Labor Eradication Program

Created in 1996, Brazil’s Child Labor Eradication Program was designed to incentivize poor families not to subsidize their income with harmful child labor.

The strategy involves offering cash payments to impoverished families on condition that they pull their children from the children labor market, get them vaccinated, and put them in school.

However, while this strategy curbed child labor initially, incidences have since increased, indicating the necessity of new approaches.


Support for Immigrants

Did you know Brazil is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world?

In fact, with an estimated 736,000 foreign-born citizens as of 2017, Brazil has the 3rd largest population of immigrants in South America, including the world’s largest Japanese diaspora.

Other large immigrant populations in Brazil include Portuguese, Arabs, Germans, Italians, Bolivians, Venezuelans, and more.

This contributes to much diversity in the arts, cuisine, and political points of view.


Government Investment in Sports

Brazil recognizes the importance of sports in helping to improve social and financial mobility for the Brazil’s poor.

Thus, the Brazilian government has made strong efforts to finance the country’s many sports teams, establish new clubs, build new venues, and improve existing ones.

In fact, in recent years, the government has accepted more than 2,500 requests for funding from various sports organizations, pouring more than 2-billion dollars into its sports programs.


Understanding More About the US Government

united states government

Looking for more information about government in the United States?

Read on to learn more about the failures and successes of the US government!


Controversies and Corruption (United States)

The United States constitution has long stood as a model of governance for other countries around the world, including Brazil.

But the US government isn’t without its share of corruption.

Learn more below!


Cooperate Lobbying/Conflicts of Interest

When American politicians run for office, they usually fund their campaigns with the help of large corporations.

These sponsorships can total in the tens of millions of dollars, and often result in huge conflicts of interest.

For instance, lobbying by pharmaceutical companies has often resulted in lax oversight and regulation when it comes to the formulation, testing, and pricing of new drugs.


Electoral College

Most consider America’s electoral college a necessary evil.

But it’s not without its share of detractors.

Designed to prevent a charismatic yet corrupt presidential candidate from wooing the populace and winning the popular vote, the electoral college is a points system based on each state’s number of representatives in congress.

In short, in order to win the presidency, a presidential candidate must win the most electoral college points by winning the right states.

But while this has prevented snake-oil types from taking office by manipulating the general population, it is also seen by some as limiting the voice of the people.


Cutthroat Electoral Politics

American electoral politics is notoriously cutthroat, with candidates often resorting to underhanded tactics and mudslinging to trounce their opponents and win seats in office.

This often takes the form of smear campaigns, in which candidates use TV ad spots to sully the image of their political rivals.

Often, it involves outright lies.

But perhaps the most famous example of these cutthroat tactics was the Watergate Scandal in the 1970’s, in which Richard Nixon bugged his opponent’s hotel room with microphones in order to obtain “dirt,” a tactic which would eventually come out and cost him the presidency.


2. Governmental Successes (United States)

For all its flaws, the United States government remains a model of democracy beacon of freedom to the world.

Read on to learn more about what the US government does well!


Making Education Accessible to All

The United States government takes education seriously.

Not only is a free education guaranteed for all children in the US; parents can actually be punished for not sending their kids to school.

And while the quality of schools varies state to state and even district to district, in terms of accessibility, America’s public-education policy is generally hailed.


Protecting America’s Natural Assets

America’s State and National Park Services are some of the country’s greatest achievements.

Spearheaded by President Theodore Roosevelt, the effort to preserve America’s great natural wonders has been a resounding success.

It has helped to protect the land and its wild inhabitants, and created some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions.

Among America’s most famous parks are Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon National Park, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and more.


Protections for Seniors

Another difference where the United States government shines when compared with Brazil is in its treatment of its senior population.

American seniors enjoy many benefits and protections that let them retire with dignity.

From Medicare to social security, America’s governmental benefits for seniors help to make their golden years truly golden.


So, What Are the Main Differences and Similarities Between Brazil and United States Government?

So, as you can see, there are some significant similarities when comparing the governments of the United States and Brazil, as well as some big differences.

Compared to the US, Brazil’s government is very similar on paper; both are federal republics, both have executive, judicial, and legislative branches, and both grant robust states’ rights.

But while the United States and Brazilian governments compare closely on paper, it’s in the execution that the US and Brazil are most different.

In short, while both governments experience corruption, it runs much deeper, and has fewer checks and balances to weed it out, in Brazil.


Who Runs Brazil’s Government?

Compared with United States, Brazil’s government is no different from the US in terms of the power structure.

Like the US, Brazil elects a president.

As of the writing of this page, the presiding president of Brazil is Jair Bolsonaro.

But, in another important point of comparison with the US, Brazil’s president isn’t like an all-powerful monarch.

Rather, he’s more a figurehead, sharing much of his power with the government’s legislative and judicial branches.


Who Are the Main Leaders in Brazil?

No different from the United States, Brazil’s governmental hierarchy grants the most power to the president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Other powerful leaders in Brazil include vice president, Hamilton Mourão, Bolsonaro’s three sons, all of whom serve as advisors to the president, the education minister, Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, the national security advisor, Augusto Heleno, and Paulo Guedes, the economy minister.


The Main Cities to Which Brazilians Immigrate

Owing in large part to Brazil’s deep-seated governmental corruption, many citizens choose to immigrate to United States cities in search of a different, better way of life.

Some of the most popular cities to which Brazilians immigrate are New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago,

Another hotspot for Brazilian immigration is Orlando, Florida.

Here, strong jobs and investment opportunities, great weather, and a low cost of living, bolstered by a lack of state income tax and affordable housing, offer a high quality of life.

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Experience the Difference Between the United States and Brazilian Governments for Yourself – With Authentic!

So to review, in comparing the governments of Brazil and the United States, the difference is plain to see.

The US may look the same on paper, but its superiority shines through in the execution.

If you want to experience the difference between the United States and Brazilian governments for yourself, you don’t have to compare realtors; just hire the top real estate company in Orlando, FL, US – Authentic Group.

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