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Are Holiday Homes Good Investments in Orlando?

are holiday homes good investments in orlando

Want to know if holiday homes are good investments in Orlando? Read on to find out! A holiday home is a home you use for personal vacations and/or business trips. They may also be rented out to other travelers or short-term residential renters for easy revenue while you’re not there. And that brings us to the question at hand: are holiday homes good investments in Orlando?

Take it from the holiday home experts at Paradiso Grande Homes for Sale; as the vacation capital of America, Orlando makes the ultimate place to own a holiday home, promising high returns in both quality of life and passive income.

Want to own a holiday home in the town built by Disney? Our partners at Celebration Homes for Sale by Authentic can help! But wherever you want to buy, Authentic Group is your source for holiday homes and investment services in Orlando.

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Why is Orlando One of America’s Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate?

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As home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and other famous parks and attractions, Orlando is the vacation capital of the US.

And that makes it a great place to invest in holiday homes.

Moreover, with historic population growth and a booming economy, it’s ideal for investing in long-term rentals and buy-and-hold properties, too.

Read on to learn more about why Orlando is one of America’s best cities to invest in real estate!


1. Earn Returns in Passive Income and Quality of Life

Take it from Paradiso Grande Homes for Sale, the definitive realtor to Orlando’s definitive vacation home community: owning a holiday home in Orlando promises unbeatable returns in both quality of life and passive income.

Level up the luxury of your future vacations and business trips with a luxury home away from home in the happiest place on earth.

Better yet, let our partners at Celebration Homes for Sale help you find a holiday home in the town built by Disney – Celebration!

Want to hybridize your holiday home as a vacation rental while you’re away?

While short-term renting isn’t allowed at Celebration, Paradiso Grande Homes for Sale can help you buy and manage a high-occupancy vacation rental at Orlando’s premier vacation home community, Paradiso Grande, for steady passive income every week.

In short, if you’re looking for a good investment in Orlando, a holiday home might be for you!


2. Orlando is Ideal for Buying Buy-And-Hold Properties

Did you know Orlando is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States?

In fact, with 1,000 people moving to the area every week, tons of new business opening, and billions of dollars of new infrastructure in the works, Orlando is expected to rival the country’s biggest cities by 2030.

And that makes it one of the country’s best places to buy buy-and-hold real estate.

Orlando’s growth is driving up home values, and its projected growth promises the chance for high closing prices down the road.

In the meantime, you can use your property as a holiday home and short-term rental, for returns you can measure in dollars and memories.


3. Orlando is a Profitable Place to Invest in Long-Term Rentals

Buy-and-hold properties make a safe and stable investment option.

But if you’re looking for a safe and stable investment option with the promise of steady returns, Orlando is also a profitable place to invest in long-term rentals.

With a long-term rental, landlords can enjoy the security of a single tenant or family of tenants for an extended period of time.

Meanwhile, they can make steady passive income, adjusting their rates as Orlando grows into the future.


What is a Holiday Home?

So, what is a holiday home, exactly?

A holiday home is a home you own out of town which you use for vacations, business trips, or other travels to the area.

Some, like those for sale at Paradiso Grande, come with access to a range of resort-style amenities, and even in-home amenities like movie theaters, themed bedrooms, game rooms, and more.

Thus, a holiday home provides a luxury way to stay whenever you’re in town, and in some cases, a profitable way to capitalize on Orlando tourism.


Understanding Why Holiday Homes in Orlando Are a Good Investment

Want to learn more about why Orlando holiday homes are a good investment?

Read on to discover the advantages, and even some disadvantages, of owning a holiday home in Orlando, FL.




1. Stay in Style and Comfort When You’re in Orlando

Like to vacation in Orlando?

Have business in the city beautiful?

Whether you frequent Orlando for business or pleasure, owning a holiday home lets you stay in style and comfort whenever you’re in town.


2. Hybridize Your Home and Earn!

Some holiday homes are zoned for short-term rental.

Thus, you can hybridize your home as a vacation rental in the vacation capital of America, and earn reliable passive income while you’re away!


3. Geography

Orlando is located in Central Florida, in the middle of the Florida peninsula.

Therefore, holiday-home owners who have to leave their properties behind for most of the year can rest easy knowing their assets will be spared the worst of hurricane season, and will be safe from rising sea levels and corrosive ocean air.

Not to mention, with more or less equal access to both the Atlantic Ocean (an hour east of Orlando) and the Gulf of Mexico (about an hour and a half west), it offers two oceans for the price of one!




1. A Source of Worry

An Orlando holiday home can be the ultimate way to stay when you’re in town.

But while you’re away, it can be a big source of worry.

Leaving your home vacant for most of the year leaves it to the mercy of miscreants and bad weather.

But at Paradiso Grande, you can maximize your security and peace of mind with a 24/7 guarded gatehouse.


2. Paying While You’re Away

One of the biggest disadvantages of an Orlando holiday home is having to pay for something you only get to use once or twice a year.

While a holiday home is an investment in your future and quality of life, from mortgage payments to property taxes, paying while you’re away can feel like money down the drain.

But you can make up your losses.

With Paradiso Grande Homes for Sale, you can rent out your home for steady revenue you don’t have to work for.


Do Orlando Holiday Homes Increase in Value?


An Orlando holiday home isn’t just an investment in your quality of life and potential source of passive income.

It’s an investment in the future.

Orlando projected to enjoy strong growth through at least 2030.

Thus, an Orlando holiday home promises strong appreciation for years to come.


How Much Money Can You Make With Holiday Homes in Orlando?

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Renting out your holiday home to vacationers is a great way to earn cash with little to no work on your part.

In general, bigger is better, as vacation renters tend to travel in large groups so they can split the cost.

For a 3-bedroom vacation rental in Orlando, for example, investors might see annual revenue of more than $51,000.

For a 5-bedroom home, returns of $53,000 or more are well within reach!


Central Florida Cities Besides Orlando That Are Good Places to Invest in Holiday Homes

Orlando is obviously a good place to invest in a holiday home.

But it certainly isn’t the only place in Central Florida.

Discover other great Central Florida holiday home destinations below!


1. Celebration

While not technically a city, the master planned community of Celebration had to make our list.

After all, what could be better than a holiday home in the town built by Disney?

Celebration boasts a range of resort-style amenities including heated pools, playgrounds, and a full schedule of community events.

It also features a convenient town center complete with shops and restaurants, banks, a gas station, and more, for new-urban living at its finest.

Ask how our partners at Celebration Homes for Sale can help you get a great deal on a Celebration holiday home!


2. Kissimmee

Known as the “gateway to Disney,” home to premier golf courses and freshwater fishing, and boasting city-wide short-term rental zoning, Kissimmee is one of the best places in the Greater Orlando Area to invest in holiday homes.

Enjoy unbeatable convenience to attractions when you’re in Orlando, and unbeatable returns while you’re away, with a Kissimmee holiday home from Authentic Group.


3. Clermont

Want to use your holiday home to get away from it all?

Clermont boasts small-town charm, a unique hilly landscape, and affordable real estate.

Yet despite its tranquility, it’s just minutes from parks, attractions, and other major points of interest.

Looking for a hybrid investment?

Select Clermont communities allow short-term rentals!


Make a Good Investment With An Orlando Holiday Home!

So, if you’re looking for a good investment option, a holiday home from Paradiso Grande Homes for Sale or our partners at Celebration Homes for Sale can bring you returns in quality of life and passive income.

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