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Paradiso Grande Homes welcomes Realtors® interested in increasing their sales and provide support to their clients with reliable income forecasts and outstanding property management services.

Our promises

  • We will never steal your clients.

    We work on a referral basis and we always save the realtor's information attached to the client. If your client ever reaches out to us to buy other properties or sell their home, WE WILL ALWAYS refer the client back to you, it doesn't matter from which brokerage you belong to. And if for any reason the client does not want to work with you we can help the client and will pay you a referral fee.

  • Team work.

    We partner with real estate agents to help them sell more real estate by providing them with support, trustworthy income forecasts and real comps. We believes in sharing to multiply by synergizing with real estate agents and clients. Together we can achieve more!

  • Technology

    We use the latest systems and technologies in the industry in order to offer the best services and customer experience.

  • High quality services.

    We have heard from hundreds of realtors®, clients, tenants and guests what they are really looking for in a property management company and those insights became the pillars of our services. We is committed to offering high quality property management services and exceeding expectations.

  • Trustworthy

    We uphold a strict code of ethics and handle everything with honesty and integrity.

  • Humbleness

    We are always open to critics and suggestions and we are willing to make any change if it is for the benefit of our realtors® and clients.

What you get

Free rental forecasts
Earn referral fee
Clients referred back to you
Satisfied clients
More sales
Quality services
Tiago Ferreira

Short-term property management referral program

ilovevh has a lot of experience in the vacation rental industry and we really understand the importance of providing high quality services and our commitment is to have happy owners, happy guests and happy realtors®. Ensuring our client's investment makes sense so they can buy more properties and refer more clients, that is the foundation of ilovevh.

Paradiso Grande Homes

Paradiso Grande Homes is a proud part of the Authentic Group, a one-stop shop for all real estate services delivered with excellence and a high level of trust.

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